Brexit & The Housing Market

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the effect Brexit might have on the US housing market. First news says the stock market had a negative response. This could possibly encourage the Fed to keep rates low or maybe even drop them just slightly. Eventually, the market will adjust and things will go back to the way they were. … Read More

What You Can Do To Make Your Home Stand Out

The end of summer often marks an important time for real estate. It’s a common time of year for owners to decide to list their homes for sale. It may be the change in the weather or the timing with the start of the school year and upcoming holidays. Whatever the reason, you can usually expect a flood of homes … Read More

The Next Steps After Listing Your Home

Once your property is listed on the Multiple Listing Service or the MLS and the sign has been affixed in your front lawn, you may be thinking about what comes next. Most people think there is nothing left but to wait for the offers to come in, but that’s not usually the case. You’ll have to put in a little … Read More

What To Expect With A Home Inspection

The stress of an inspector finding something wrong in your home is something that worries every seller but it doesn’t have to. If you keep in mind what the inspector is examining your house for, you can make the process of inspecting your home much easier for everyone. Sellers usually think all they’ll have to do for their inspection is … Read More

Now is the Time to Put Your Home on the Market

With the Albuquerque Real Estate market rising with the local economy, the worry of increasing mortgage interest rates promoting the market and the inventory of homes staying as low as they’ve been and the demand for homes still being high creates an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to put their home on the market. If you’re thinking of selling your … Read More

3 Things That Help Attract Buyers to Your Home

It may be thought that a buyer picks a home by how well the value of the additions or how well it’s been staged, this isn’t the case. These things do go a long way towards drawing a buyer to your home, they aren’t the main influences. The main factors that get buyers interested in a home are price, location … Read More

Now is the Time to Buy

Mortgage rates are hovering, still, at historically low rates. This is great news for buyers and if you’re in the buyer category, it’s great news for you. Before get your keys, there are a few steps you’ll to go through. Here we offer some expert tips on getting to the closing table. Start with a list – There should be … Read More

How to Make Your Offer Stand Out

With the current real estate market being as competitive as it is due to the lower mortgage rates and rekindled interest in the market, most buyers find it irritating to spend weeks and weeks looking for the perfect home for them only to discover the house has six different offers. It’s an infuriating and time consuming process that can drive … Read More

Find The Right Broker For You

The arrival of summer here in Albuquerque brings an increase of buyer interest in homes. Buyers who wish to purchase a home at this point might find it difficult to buy a home in this seller’s market, but having a good buyer’s broker can make an enormous difference towards getting the home you want. A good broker can also help … Read More

Why You Should Take Your Time When Buying A Home

With home inventory as low as it is at the moment some buyers panic and buy a home before they’ve checked out all if the details, which means they might end up with a home that doesn’t work for them. If you’re looking for a home make sure you take your time. You may miss out on a few homes … Read More