Helpful Tips & Tricks to Help Improve your Curb Appeal

If you’re planning on placing your home on the market, or already have your home listed, curb appeal is something that’s going to be extremely important, especially with the arrival of spring. The outside of your home is first impression a buyer will get of your home, so you have to ensure it’s a good one. If you’re planning on … Read More

Is a Fixer-Upper Fight for You

More and more recently people are eager to see the flipped or fixer upper properties. These homes have been glorified by the HGTV channel and articles depicting owners purchasing rundown homes in disrepair and repairing and reconditioning them to sell for thousands more. The hosts make it seem easy, but in actuality it can be a very difficult experience, especially … Read More

Tax Deductions Available for Homeowners

Homeownership is a dream that many people have, but it can seem like a daunting commitment with little to nothing in return. Some even choose to rent a home over owning a home, but there are actually a lot of great monetary rewards that come with owning your own home. There are some great itemized tax deductions available for homeowners that … Read More

Is It Better Remodel Your Home or Just Sell It

Real estate agents are frequently asked if it is better to a home remodel or to just sell it. Generally speaking, remodeling projects that improve or build off of what is already there is much more expensive than having something brand new built or something being added. You might end up with more money and time invested into a remodeling … Read More

Why Your Curb Appeal Matters

Having great curb appeal can go miles toward your home getting noticed quickly and getting the most money out of the deal as possible. Agents will often cite outdoor remodeling projects as some of the most valuable projects toward the selling of a home, but most homeowners don’t know which projects will get them the most return for their money. … Read More

The Importance of Home Pricing

When putting your house on the market, it is important to price it correctly. Pricing a home too high to start can be a waste of both money and time for you, the seller. A seller will get some showings, but any offers that you get won’t be anywhere near your asking price, or won’t even come in. If a … Read More

Mortgage Tips for Luxury Home Buying

Mortgage interest rates being as low as they have been have encouraged many into buying their first home. If you or someone you know is planning on getting a home, here are a few tips that can help the process. What Can You Afford? One of the most difficult parts of buying a home is figuring out what you can … Read More

How a Real Estate Agent Primes Your Home for the Seller’s Market

Planning on moving to a new home but have to sell the one you’re currently in first? There’s quite a bit of preparation involved and it can be useful to employ the help of a skilled Realtor to assist you in the process. Certainly you can go about this yourself, but a New Mexico Real Estate agent can share with … Read More

Preparing Your Home for the Winter

As the winter weather begins to get more harsh, it is important to take the necessary steps to prepare your grounds to avoid any possible chaos! No one wants to be outside in the cold taking care of the things they wish they’d done when it was warmer! Protect the outside of your home and keep the inside warm and … Read More

Making Your First Home Your Own (On a Budget)

Purchasing your first home is an exciting, monumental step in the story of your life. Finally, the freedom to personalize your dwelling is available to you, and deciding how to truly make it your own can be a little overwhelming at the start. It’s likely you may feel you want to hit the ground running: repainting, refurnishing, renovating. The house … Read More