Late in the afternoon of another busy, jam-packed day, Sandi Pressley hurries into her office, radiating energy and self-confidence. Like a charge of electricity, she energizes everyone around her. Quickly, she gives instructions to a team member, sits down at a small conference table and rapidly sorts through a stack of messages. (Putting them aside she looks, with her long, auburn hair swept up and back and blue eyes sparkling with enthusiasm, as fresh as if the day had just begun). She looks up and smiles a smile that comes easily and often.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.”

– Calvin Coolidge

This creed that Sandi Pressley lives by exemplifies her belief in her own success. Sandi, a master communicator, was selling advertising when several of her clients suggested she should try selling real estate. She took their advice and soon realized her passion for selling. “I chose to go into real estate because your success is directly related to the level of your drive and determination,” says Sandi.
She started her career with Presley Homes and then to Lee Welsh Real Estate. “I owe a lot of my success to the support I received from Lee Welsh.” She also co-owned an ERA franchise for over two years, sold it and in 1990 went to RECA Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate. Sandi was the top-producing broker for 10 years consecutively for the entire Better Homes & Gardens International Real Estate Network. Coldwell Banker Legacy purchased the RECA Better Homes and Garden franchise in 2000. Being a part of the largest brokerage in New Mexico, Sandi continues to soar to new heights locally as well as Internationally. She has continually achieved being one of the top 10 brokers in the entire World for Coldwell Banker. Her incredible drive and tenacity has earned her 45 years of recognition on both local and national levels. Since 1979 this nationally renowned REALTOR® has been a leader in the real estate industry. About 150 of Sandi’s 200 special recognition awards and plaques are displayed on her office walls.

Sandi Pressley Albuquerque RealtorIn 2023, she sold 193 houses with an average sales price of $432,000.00 for a total of $83.4 million in production. One of her clients was so impressed with her volume of business, he took the time to calculate her sales. According to his figures, she had a transaction about every 32 hours, a feat few real estate brokers will ever accomplish. Sandi is proud to say that she works all price ranges and geographic areas.

Sandi thrives on competition – competition fueled by a seemingly unlimited amount of energy and positive thinking. “It takes more energy to be negative than positive,” she says. “When people are talking to me, they want to feel good about everything they’re doing,” Sandi explains. “It’s up to me to make them feel good and I do that by being positive about everything.

“One can choose to either be mediocre or soar with the eagles (or in this case the F-16’s)”

If people expect a negative result, they’re going to get a negative result.” Sandi tells her clients, “If you have faith in me and know I’m going to sell your home or find you one; I will!” Sandi believes attitude, enthusiasm and passion are crucial to a broker’s success. “Attitude is everything. You either have enthusiasm or you don’t. I’ll take these three qualities over somebody’s skill any day. You can’t teach people to have a good attitude, passion or energy, but you can teach them skills.”

Self-assurance plays a large part in Sandi’s success. “Passion for what you do is crucial. I wake up every day loving what I do – looking forward to the challenges of the business. After 45 years in the business, I never thought once that I would rather be doing something else. I love what I do and I feel sincerely blessed that I found my niche. I thank God every day for the blessings he has bestowed on me. Without my spirituality and deep faith in God, I would not be who I am.” Sandi is able to enjoy her love for singing as a member of Sagebrush Community Church.

“It takes a lot of persistence to
become a ‘Top Gun’ in Real Estate”

Sandi Pressley Albuquerque RealtorSandi’s days start early and end late. “I tell my fellow brokers wanting assistance on how to increase their business that my door is always open. I’m happy to give advice and inspiration, as long as they call before 11 p.m.,” she says. “After that I plan and organize for the next day.”

Sandi believes that when you do good deeds, good will come back to you. This belief is one reason that even with all her long hours and demanding work, Sandi still finds time to teach and assist other real estate brokers. She offers help and encouragement to brokers throughout her company, Albuquerque and the nation with her motivational talks. “I teach that the level of your success is going to depend on the level of your integrity, your passion, persistence and ability to hone in on technology. But anybody can do it if he or she wants to badly enough.”

Sandi began doing motivational seminars nationally in 1991. After speaking at a national convention, well-known “sales guru” Howard Brinton asked her to be his Star of the Month. These “stars” consist of top producers throughout the nation who are asked to do motivational tapes. “My first exposure to professional sales training was listening to my own tape. Because I’ve had no formal sales training, this was the first tape I’d ever listened to.” “Brokers should never quit learning and growing. My marketing and sales strategies change every year as the market changes. Brokers should tailor and adapt their marketing skills to the market. You have to adapt your ways to the ever-changing real estate market.”

Sandi sets an example of determination with her “elbow grease” theory. “I’ll do whatever it takes to represent my client well. Clients deserve the best service and representation. They’re paying you well for what you do and they deserve the best expertise.” Giving back to the community is important to Sandi. She started her own foundation for needy school children named “Friends of APS” in 1994.

Sandi sets yearly goals, but she believes monthly goals are just as important. “I set production goals each month to enable me to reach my yearly goal. It’s a way of keeping myself in check to stay in line to achieve my yearly goals.” One of Sandi’s goals for 2013 is working on her quality of life. “You have to have balance in life by learning how to work smarter and more efficiently. I’m working to build a good support base to help me with the mechanical operation of my business so I can be in front of my clients all the time. My goal for next year is to work smarter and less and offer exemplary service to my clients.”

“One of my greatest treasures is my family. I am blessed with a wonderful father who was a professional opera singer with the Houston Grand Opera. I never lose sight of the importance of family and my dear friends. They will always be number one in my life. Their love and support gives my life meaning and gives me the strength to face the challenges of business.”

Helping Sandi achieve her goals is a team of seven assistants. They help her to do what she does best, work one-on-one with buyers and sellers. Sandi thinks clients must feel that her assistants are an extension of herself and should give them the same caring and attention she does. Her team works hard to achieve the number one team goal, which is customer loyalty.

A major part of Sandi’s philosophy is to “never give up. In my 36 years in the industry, I’ve been through just about everything. Never once did I think of giving up. Learn from every mistake. Success relates to your ability to deal with your failures. Failures are an open door to opportunity. If someone doesn’t hire me, I call them to find out why. It helps me in dealing with my next client.”

Sandi’s advice for other brokers is to remain positive, focused and driven. “Completely focus your energy on your goals. Set goals and persist until you achieve them. Do not allow people to rob you of energy and positiveness. It’s important to maintain a support network. It’s very difficult in this business if your family and friends don’t support you.”

And most of all, never give up. “To me, no means maybe,” she says. “Follow up and be tenacious. My clients are very impressed with the tenacity I display in bringing their sale to a successful closure. I apply my tenacity with everyone I meet because everyone is a prospect.”

If annual Olympic medals were given in the real estate industry for persistence and determination, Sandi Pressley could add many gold medals to her other awards.