You Can Buy a Home in Albuquerque With a Lower Income and Credit Score

FHA Loan

Do you want to buy a home in Albuquerque, but don’t have the best credit or a high income? Don’t give up, because your goal of owning a home can become a reality, even in these uncertain times. If you don’t qualify for a conventional mortgage, you may qualify for one of a couple of government-backed loan options – the … Read More

Should You Buy a FSBO in Albuquerque Without an Agent?

Home For Sale By Owner

If you’ve been looking to buy a home in Albuquerque, you may have seen some homes for sale by the owner, otherwise known as a FSBO. That means they are not selling their home with the help of a real estate agent. You may be tempted to deal with them without an egent of your own, thinking it will save … Read More

3 Differences Between the Limited and Standard 203(k) FHA Loans

Comparing home loans

You’ve found a home for sale in Albuquerque in the ideal neighborhood, and it’s priced just right. But something is holding you back from making the deal. Could it be the outdated appliances, dark brown exterior, and wall-to-wall carpeting? You can make it the home of your dreams with an FHA 203(k) renovation loan. This type of loan will let … Read More

Mistakes to Avoid When Flipping a Home in Albuquerque

Flipping Home Graphic

Is flipping homes in Albuquerque a good way to make money? Many people are looking for new ways to bring in an income, and flipping homes may sound like a smart business move. It can be, but only if you do it right. Flipping homes ends up being harder and more expensive than most people realize. And if you think … Read More

Find Your Perfect Home in Corrales

If you’re looking to buy a home in the Albuquerque area that combines the feel of the country with the conveniences of the big city, take a look at what the Village of Corrales has to offer. Located along the Rio Grande river, nature lovers appreciate the beauty of the area, enhanced by the Rio Grande Bosque, a greenbelt to … Read More

How to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is without question one of the most important rooms in any home, and a main selling point when selling your home in Albuquerque. In fact, it can make or break a deal. In fact, a home with a remodeled kitchen can sell up to 8% faster, according to In the “old days”, the kitchen was kept in … Read More

What Are E-Closings?

Back in the days before the coronavirus, closing on a home purchase in Albuquerque was an affair that included a bunch of people passing pens and paper around the table, exchanging handshakes. Today, that’s a scene that evokes a bit of cringing. Times have changed, and so have the way we close on home purchases. Now, lenders use what are called e-closings to navigate social distancing guidelines. … Read More

Should You Downsize to a Smaller Home in Albuquerque?

Downsizing. It’s a word that’s been on more people’s lips lately due to the economic situation we’re living in now. Many people are thinking about how they can adjust their finances to ride this storm and be more secure. For those who own a home in Albuquerque, the thought of moving into a smaller and less expensive home has stood … Read More

What is the Impact of Forbearance to You as an Albuquerque Homeowner?

Living in this time of uncharted waters can cause much anxiety, frustration and confusion. As a homeowner you may be concerned about the ability to pay your mortgage. According to Computershare Loan Services in the U.S., currently 8% of homeowners have filed for forbearance. Even if your current loan servicer offers forbearance under the CARES Act, much confusion still exists … Read More

Ideas to Make This a Mother’s Day to Remember

Are you stuck thinking of ideas for Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 10? The lockdown has made life a challenge, but don’t worry, you can still share a special day with mom in Albuquerque. Here’s a few ideas that will help you make this Mother’s Day 2020 one to remember. Share a meal Sure, you can’t eat in a restaurant … Read More