How to Deal With Clogged Drains in Your Albuquerque Home

Clogged drains are common in Albuquerque homes due to various reasons. In bathroom sinks, excessive hair buildup can occur, especially if used for shaving regularly. Kitchen sinks may have greaser buildup or other substances that restrict water flow and eventually lead to complete blockage.

Unclogging a drain line can be done by most people with basic tools and drain cleaner from a grocery store. Alternatively, a professional drain cleaning service can be called to diagnose and solve the problem, albeit at a higher cost. This expense is justified for particularly stubborn clogs.

When faced with a clogged drain, there are three tools you can use. The plunger, a long-standing option, is commonly used. Another option is the drain snake, which requires practice to use effectively. Lastly, you can call for help from a professional.

Using a Plunger

A drain plunger is an essential tool for every home or apartment. It should be kept near the toilet for easy access when dealing with stubborn flushes. A drain plunger functions in two ways: creating suction to pull clogged material towards the drain and applying pressure to push the clogged material down the drain.

Repeatedly pushing and pulling the plunger can manipulate and free the clog, allowing it to continue through the drainage system. However, if there is additional material clinging to the pipe, the clog may return. Common culprits include soap residue, cooking grease, and other solids that cling to the sides of drain lines.

Using a Drain Snake

When dealing with stubborn clogs, a plunger is often effective, but it may not always suffice. In such cases, a drain snake, also known as an auger, can be used. The business end of a drain snake features a coiled and rigid wire that can be used to effectively break through and remove tough clogs.

A drain snake is a tool used to unclog drains. It consists of a long line rolled up inside a drum, which holds several feet of cable. To use it, you insert the business end of the drain snake into the clogged drain and turn a handle to extend the snake down into the drain pipe. When the snake contacts the clogged material, it can be used to punch it loose or bore a hole through it. Combining a drain snake with a plunger can be an effective way to fully clear a clog.

Using the Phone

If all other attempts fail, it is advisable to seek assistance from a licensed Albuquerque plumbing service to address your clogging issues. Plumbers possess the necessary tools and expertise to identify the most effective method for clearing a clogged drain. In some cases, they may need to dismantle certain drain lines to remove the obstruction or replace damaged components that contribute to persistent or severe clogs.

After the plumber fixes the clogging problem, it’s crucial to take preventative measures. Understanding the common culprits of clogging is key. For instance, pouring used cooking grease down the kitchen drain can lead to coagulation, pipe buildup, and restricted water flow. The grease coagulates, clings to the drain pipe, and causes other materials to collect and restrict the water flow until a drain exists.


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