Don’t Make These Mistakes When Selling Your Home in Albuquerque

Selling a home in Albuquerque can be a very time-consuming and emotional process. With all that’s going on in the process, it can be easy to make mistakes. But with a little preparation, you can avoid some of the pitfalls that snag many home sellers. Here are some key mistakes to avoid when selling your home in Albuquerque. Being Emotionally Involved Sure, … Read More

Start the Holiday Season in Albuquerque

The holiday season is about to officially begin, and there’s plenty of events coming up in Albuquerque this month to help you get in the spirit. Have fun and find unique gifts that can only be found right here in Albuquerque. Here’s a few events to put on your holiday fun calendar this month. University of New Mexico Crafts Fair … Read More

What Not to Do After Applying for a Mortgage

You’ve found the perfect home for sale in Albuquerque and applied for a mortgage. No doubt you’re all fired up to start buying what you need for your new home. But before you start making large purchases or moving money around, you should use caution. You could make decisions that could impact your mortgage adversely. Here’s a list of things to avoid … Read More

One of the Top Reasons to Own a Home in Albuquerque

Do you want a really good reason to own a home in Albuquerque? Besides being a fantastic location to live, when you own your home, it’s what can be called a “forced savings plan.” When you make your mortgage payment, part of it is applied to the principle balance. Each month, you owe less on the home. The difference between the … Read More

Have a Happy Halloween in Albuquerque

Get ready to have a scary good time in Albuquerque this week. If you’re looking for fun and safe ways to celebrate the holiday this week in Albuquerque, you’ll be please with all the events coming up. Here’s a few Halloween events to help you and your kids make this a week to remember. Halloween in Old Town Oct 31, … Read More

How To Cope With Rising Home Prices In Albuquerque

Albuquerque Real Estate Trends

Real estate prices in the Albuquerque market are expected to rise at a steady pace throughout 2019. In fact, Albuquerque home values have gone up 4.2% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 2.6% within the next year. If you’re considering moving to Albuquerque, there are a few creative ways to cope with rising housing costs and … Read More

Pick Your Pumpkins at These Top Albuquerque Patches

Not sure where to get your pumpkins this year in Albuquerque? Sure, you can probably get yours at the supermarket. But that’s nowhere near as fun as going out to a patch full of huge pumpkins and picking them yourself. There are some great pumpkin patches in the Albuquerque area where you can get the full autumn experience. Here’s a … Read More

Keep Your Kids Safe in Albuquerque This Halloween

Halloween is almost here, and no doubt your kids have already picked out the costumes and making arrangements to get the most out of the holiday. But as a parent, of course you want to keep them safe as they go out into the streets. Children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed … Read More

What Albuquerque Home Buyers Should Know About Appraisals

Most of us have our own reasons for wanting to buy a home in Albuquerque. Maybe we want a bath with a luxury spa. Maybe we want a huge deck for parties. But your lender doesn’t care about such things – the designer tub, the fire pit, and all the extras. What they really care about is the actual value … Read More

Have a Fun and Happy Labor Day in Albuquerque

The Labor Day weekend is almost here, and it’s time to bring an unofficial end to summer. But first, we need to have some more fun. There’s plenty of great ways to spend the Labor day weekend in the Albuquerque area. Here’s a few upcoming events to put on your calendar. Star Party Aug 30th 2019, 06:00pm Join Valle de … Read More

Planning For the Future When You Buy a Home in Albuquerque

Buying a home in Albuquerque is a huge financial responsibility. Sure, buying a home is very exciting, but you need to also need to look carefully at your current and future plans before you take this important step in your life. Here are five questions to consider: Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? How do you feel about … Read More

DIY Appliance Maintenance Tips

You know how it goes. The washing machine quits washing, leaking all over the floor. A stove element stops working just before a big meal. The fridge dies and spoils the food. These issues can be avoided or delayed with just a few easy DIY maintenance steps. And the good part is, you can do them yourself. Here’s a few … Read More

Moving With Children

You’ve made your decision. You’re moving to Albuquerque. You even found a great house. Time to start packing. As well as tell the kids. It doesn’t matter how far you are moving. Moving at all can be an unpleasant event in a child’s life and can be overwhelming for any child. Not only is there the chaos of packing, kids … Read More

Ways to Restructure Your Mortgage and Save

If you’ve thought about restructuring your mortgage, you no doubt have certain goals in mind. Maybe you want to free up funds for a purchase, reduce your monthly costs, or pay off the mortgage faster. There are three strategies that can work to restructure your mortgage: Send in extra money to pay down principal. Recast your mortgage. Refinance your loan. … Read More

Keep Your Outdoor Items Organized

Where do you store your outdoor tools when you’re not using them? Many people just toss them in the garage and call it a day. But as we all know, that can turn into a mess where it’s not so easy to find what you need. Here’s some ways that you can reduce the clutter in your garage. It will … Read More

Cleaning Your Albuquerque Attic – What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Do you really need to clean your attic in your home in Albuquerque? After all, you’re unfinished attic is just being used for storage, so a little dirt won’t hurt, right? Not so much. That dirt and dander builds up over the years and can circulate into the rest of your home, possibly making you sick. Dirt and allergens find … Read More

Did You Know Dirty Light Bulbs Waste Energy

Do you know all the places where you waste energy? We may think we know where all the energy wasting hot spots are, but have you thought about dirty light bulbs? Dirty light bulbs and fixtures not only waste energy, but if you’re selling your home in Albuquerque, they can detract from the cleanliness of your home when it’s being … Read More

Creative Ways For First Time Buyers in Albuquerque to Save For a Down Payment

Are you buying a home for the first time in Albuquerque and trying to figure out how to save for that crucial down payment? You’re certainly in good company. Saving for a down payment is a struggle that many first time buyers have. But younger buyers have been getting creative, suing modern methods to help save money. One creative way … Read More

Increase Your Albuquerque Property Value Through Good Landscaping

Landscaping is an important part of your Albuquerque property’s value. Great landscaping can actually raise your home value by up to 11%, sometimes even more.  And the good thing about landscaping is that even though it has such a big impact on your home’s value, it’s one of the easiest home improvements you can make. Here’s a few tips to … Read More

How to Decide to Pay Off Your Home in Albuquerque or Invest

Looking for something to do with extra cash? If you own a home in Albuquerque, you could pay off your mortgage. Or you could invest your money in something else. Which option is better? There’s been no shortage of debate on this matter, with great arguments on either side. But in the end, it’s a decision that will have a … Read More

What to Expect During an Albuquerque Home Inspection

When you buy or sell a home in Albuquerque, the home inspection is a critical part of the process. A home inspection benefits all parties involved in the transaction, as it reveals what the condition of the home is and what needs work. How can you get the most from your home inspection?  Here’s the steps of the process and … Read More

Should You Buy a Second Home in Albuquerque

Is buying a second home in Albuquerque something you’ve considered? Buying a 2nd home for retirement or a vacation home can be a great investment, as well as an indicator you’re planning well for retirement. And since finance rates are low, now is a great time to buy. The big question though is why you should buy a 2nd home in … Read More

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest

If you have some extra cash on hand, what do you do with it? If you plan to make that money work for you, perhaps you’ve thought about investing or paying off your mortgage. Which choice yields the best return? This has certainly been a heated debate, with passionate responses on both sides of the question.  Either way, it’s a … Read More

Planning to Deal With Unexpected Home Repairs

Owning a home in Albuquerque can bring some anxiety when it comes to dealing with unexpected repairs. According to a recent report, most homeowners say that home repairs and maintenance top the list of worries when it comes to owning a home. According to Holden Lewis, NerdWallet’s home analyst, “When you buy a home, you take a leap into the … Read More

Show Mom How Much You Care in Albuquerque

Mother’s Day is almost here, and now is a great time to plan how to spend the day with that special lady in Albuquerque. This city is already filled with fun things to do, so it’s no surprise that you’ll be able to find plenty of ways to show your mom how much you care. Here a list of fun … Read More

Common First Time Home Buying Misconceptions

Buying a home for the first time can be an exciting time in your life. However, there are misconceptions floating around that may give you cause for concern. Maybe you’ve heard things from family or friends that could deter you from buying your first home. But what was true about home buying years ago may not be the case today.  … Read More

Should You FSBO or Hire an Agent When Buying a Home in Albuquerque

It may seem to be a bit predictable that a real estate agent would advise you not to sell your house on your own, or FSBO (For Sale by Owner). But it really is in your best interest when selling a home to consider why using an agent to sell your home in Beaufort really will get you more money … Read More

Staging Your Home to Sell in Albuquerque

Are you getting your home ready to sell in Albuquerque? If so, it’s a busy time for sure, with plenty of preparations to make. One of the things you need to really focus on though is making your home stand out in the Albuquerque real estate market. This is called staging. Many people may feel the need to hire a … Read More

What are Appraisal Contingencies

Here’s the scenario: You’re buying a home in Albuquerque, and the seller has accepted your offer.  The contract is signed and you’ve paid the deposit.  Then you have the home appraised and it turns out that the home is worth less than what you offered. And now the bank won’t grant the mortgage.  So how do you avoid this kind of … Read More

Fire Pit or Money Pit – Ways to Avoid Overspending

Indoor evenings on the couch are so last season. Relaxing around a fire and under the Albuquerque night sky is about to be the place for a perfect night. But a built-in fire pit can cost as much as $4,500 installed. That’s a pricey upgrade. If you build a fire pit in Albuquerque, there is an Outdoor Burn Program that you … Read More

Questions You Should Ask Before You Move Into Your Albuquerque Home

If you bought a house in Albuquerque, or any are for that matter, with no maintenance issues at all, that would certainly be a rare occasion. Usually most homeowners find a something that needs to be fixed in a home within the first couple of months of purchase. And if you’ve already settled into your Albuquerque home, getting answers to … Read More

Negotiate Your Best House Buy in Albuquerque

Buying a home in Albuquerque can have moments that can get emotional. Yet it doesn’t need to be that way. If you stick to a plan and follow the lead of your agent, you can get through this. Although your agent may offer advice, it’s ultimately you that needs to make the final decision. Here are six tips for negotiating … Read More

Should You Buy That Fixer Upper

Buying a fixer-upper, if you buy the right one, can really be a great investment. If the right things are wrong with a house, it can become both your dream home, as well as earn a great deal of equity. You don’t need to be a DIY guru wither. Patience and time are all that’s needed. Here’s how you can … Read More

Spring Cleaning Must Do’s for Home Chefs

Spring is coming up soon, and so are the spring cleaning projects. One of the tough spots can be the kitchen, especially if you cook regularly. Even if you don’t clean the whole house, it can feel like you did after tackling the tough spots in the kitchen. That can definitely be the case if you love to cook and … Read More

Everything to Know About the Pre-Approval Process in Albuquerque

No doubt, you’ve already hear about being “pre-approved” if you’re planning on buying a home. Yet many people don’t fully understand the process. What is Pre-Approval? In short, being pre-approved for a mortgage means that the lender decides if you’re eligible for a loan and how much you can borrow. This decision is based on your finances and credit rating. … Read More

Ways to Restructure Your Mortgage and Save Thousands

Have you been considering restructuring your mortgage? If so, you no doubt have a good reason for doing so. Most people restructure their mortgage in order to free up funds for a purchase, reduce monthly payments, or pay off the mortgage faster. There are three strategies that can work to restructure your mortgage: Send in extra money to pay down … Read More

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Do you know what homeowner’s insurance covers? A basic homeowners insurance policy (called HO-1 in insurance lingo) covers your home and possessions if they’re damaged or destroyed by these things: Fire Lightning Windstorm Hail (not available everywhere) Explosion Riots Civil commotion Aircraft  (and things falling from aircraft) Vehicles (and things thrown from vehicles) Smoke Vandalism (although some policies exclude this) … Read More

Deciding on Windows for Your Albuquerque Sunroom Addition

Who doesn’t want a sunroom? It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the sun, and in the summer months in Albuquerque you can keep it cool while soaking up some rays. When planning a sunroom, plan on using at least 20 or more windows. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure you chose the right style, material, and price point … Read More

How to Be a Good Albuquerque Open House Guest

Open houses are a great way for home buyers and sellers to meet in a more relaxed setting. It’s your chance as a buyer to peruse your next potential home and see how you can make it your own. It’s really one of the most exciting parts of the home buying process. You definitely get more from open houses than … Read More

Did You Know Dirty Light Bulbs Waste Energy?

You just never know where you’re wasting energy. And the one place we don’t really think about is dirty light bulbs and fixtures. Having clean lighting not only can save energy and brighten your home, but is also a point to focus on when staging a home for sale. Granted, cleaning light fixtures is a hassle that requires a stepladder … Read More

Stay Warm in Albuquerque at these Top Coffee & Tea Houses

With that cool nip in the air, we all need something warm and revitalizing to start the day – or keep it going for that matter. And what better place to find the perfect cup of java or tea than in Albuquerque’s fine coffee houses? Here’s a list of some of the best coffee and tea houses in Albuquerque to … Read More

Can You Afford That House in Albuquerque?

Are you planning on buying a home in Albuquerque? If so, you no doubt have already figured out how much money you need for your down payment, the mortgage payments, and so forth. Yet how much will that home cost after you move in? Here are six life factors to consider when buying a home: Green Thumb? If you love … Read More

Things to Know Before Accepting or Rejecting an Offer For Your Home

If you have your home on the market, you’ll soon be getting offers. When that happens, you’ll need to decide which offers are best for you. Your real estate agent will be a huge help with this. Agents know how to determine the pros and cons of an offer, since there’s more to it than just dollar signs. They have … Read More

How to Avoid Home Contractor Scams

We all know the story. You hire a contractor who you think will do the job right and honestly, only to be slighted in the end. You can certainly trust many contractors. But like anything, there’s always a bad apple or two that spoil everything. So how can you make sure the person you hire is going to do the … Read More

Ways to Disaster Proof Your Home

Cleaning gutters and trimming trees is not everyone’s favorite pastime. But when a storm hits, these mundane tasks can serve as your home’s armor. These tips will get your home ready for disasters, like water damage to your home, power outages, and more. Clean Gutters to Prevent Water Damage Cleaning the gutters may seem like a simple task, and that’s … Read More

Extending The Lifespan Of Your Roof in Albuquerque

There are many things that can affect the life of a roof – workmanship, materials and climate all affect a roof’s lifespan. Your roof is a critical part of your home and making sure it’s in good order will help you save money in more ways than just the roof itself. Avoiding Common Maintenance Issues Small problem that go unchecked … Read More

Garage Organizing Tips

Organizing your garage is never easy. The challenge is how to bring together all your tools, toys, and sporting equipment, along with your cars if there’s room, in a way that is functional. There’s also a tendency for people to store items that don’t belong in the garage. A cluttered garage is certainly the norm for most people, so don’t … Read More

Signs You Need A New Driveway

No matter how great your homes looks, if your driveway is crumbling, it can really kill your curb appeal. Sure, a driveway can last for decades, but eventually they need replacing. Here are some signs to look for that will help you determine if it’s time for a new driveway. Cracks Cracking is the usual first sign of an aging … Read More

Safe Aquarium Keeping

Are you thinking about setting up a fish tank in your home? Maintaining an aquarium can be a rewarding endeavor. Along with caring for your fishy friends, there’s also safety concerns when dealing with fish tanks. They can leak, or even worse, break, if you don’t take basic precautions. There are also concerns when it comes to power supplies and … Read More

Save Money the Next Time You Move

If there’s one thing that’s always true about moving, is that it’s expensive. You can easily rack up thousands of dollars of costs along the way. But it doesn’t need to cost as much if you plan ahead and follow these simple suggestions. 1. Timing Your Move The timing of your move can really affect how much you spend. You … Read More

How to Prevent Mold In Your Home

Mold – it’s a dirty word no matter how you look at it, at least in the home. Mold can cause significant damage to your home and is certainly not good for your health. Mold can grow anywhere, and getting rid of spores completely is almost impossible. But with a few preventative measures, you can keep mold to a minimum. … Read More

From Rental to Your New Home – The Move Out Checklist

You did it! After all those years of renting and paying someone else’s mortgage, you’ve purchased your own home at last. Now it’s time to get ready to move out of your rental and into your dream home. But if you’ve never moved from a rental before, or if it’s been a few years, you may have forgot all the … Read More

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Selling a home is no easy task.  You need all the edge over the competition you can get. So when buyers come to your home, what do they see first? Your home’s exterior is the first thing buyers see, and it can make or break a sale.  What are some affordable and simple ways you can spice up your curb … Read More

How to Use Our Website to Buy or Sell Your Next Home

The Sandi Pressley Team has taken great care in making our website,, a useful and powerful tool for anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Albuquerque. Our website is full of useful features and tools that will help you start your home buying or selling journey. If you plan to buy or sell a home soon, why not … Read More

5 Tips For First Time Buyers

Most first time home buyers are in their early 30’s when they decide to buy.  That’s a young age to make such a huge financial decision. Of course, it’s also a stressful decision no matter how old you are. How can you reduce the stress of buying a home for the first time? Here’s a few things to consider. How … Read More

Buyers – Watch Out For This Email Scam

It’s a nightmare scenario: You’ve been saving to put down a payment on your dream home. You’re about to close the deal, but instead, you’re deceived into wiring your money to an account outside of the country. You lose it all – the money, the new home, and possibly your life savings. This may sound exaggerated, but it’s not. It’s … Read More

The Fun Continues in August & September in Albuquerque

August is coming to a close and September is just around the corner, but there’s still plenty of fun in store in Albuquerque. Whether you love a good baseball game, want to go to the fair, get a taste of the grape, or enjoy fine art, there’s something to keep just about anyone busy for the next month in Albuquerque.  … Read More

How to Keep You Home Secure

Home security is an important consideration when owning or even renting a home. Many people have home security systems to help keep their home secure. But is that enough? A home security system can only do so much. There are other steps you can take to make sure your home is as secure as possible. Here’s a few important precautions … Read More

Can Using Storage Help Your Next Move?

Selling your home can be challenging and stressful. You’re taking on two major tasks at once – getting your home to show to potential buyers and getting ready to move. Will getting a storage unit will help the process go more smoothly? Yes and no, depending on your situation. When you move, it provides a perfect opportunity to clean the … Read More

8 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Have you checked your credit score lately?  Having good credit is important in this world, particularly if you plan on buying a home. Even though there are mortgages available to those with lower credit scores, it’s always a good idea to raise your score as high as you can before you apply for a mortgage. A higher score will yield … Read More

Finding the Perfect Home

Buying a home is likely the biggest decision you’ll make in your life. It’s a decision that you will likely be living with for years. Everyone dreams of finding the perfect home. What is the perfect home, and how can you find it? Defining the “Perfect Home” The perfect home, as it were, is a home that fits your needs … Read More

How to Save Money on Granite Countertops

Nothing looks better than a granite countertop in your bath or kitchen.  They’re tough, always in style, and take less maintenance. It may seem that it would be too expensive to install granite.  Yet you don’t need to buy the most expensive granite to get amazing results. Here’s what you should know about granite counters and how you can cut … Read More

Installing a new garage door

Installing a new garage door isn’t probably the first thing that comes to mind, not until it gets damaged or fails to work. But even if your garage door works fine, it’s probably time to update it, especially if your home is a few decades old. Replacing a garage door, including the opener, can run around $2300.  Of course that … Read More

Protect Your Pets During the 4th

The 4th of July is a time to have fun with friends and family, and our furry friends are part of that fun. You might be tempted to bring your pets to watch fireworks or give them yummy treats from the grill. But fireworks and festive foods can potentially be harmful for pets.  What can you do to make sure … Read More

Add Value to Your Home With Good Landscaping

It’s no secret that good landscaping can add substantial value to your home. In fact, great landscaping can raise the value of your home by up to 11%, sometimes even more.  The bonus about landscaping is that in addition to adding to your home’s value, it can be one of the easiest home improvement projects to do. How can you … Read More

Should You Buy a Second Home?

Buying a second home – many people dream of it.  Buying a second home is something of a rite of passage, like buying a car or getting married. It’s a great investment as well. It shows that you’re doing well financially and can afford to reward yourself. And since mortgage rates are still low, now may be a good time … Read More

How to Get Your Family to Clean Out the Closets

Let’s face it – if you have kids, you have messy closets. The hustle and bustle of daily life usually doesn’t leave much time to organize. And living in a disorganized home can make you feel a bit out of control. Organizing every closet in the house can be daunting. But it you can get the family in on the … Read More

Should You get a 15-Year Mortgage

If you’re planning to buy a home in Albuquerque and can afford a higher payment, then a 15-year mortgage is an ideal way to pay off your mortgage faster and save thousands of dollars in interest. Of course, to make it work you need to have enough income to cover the payments, along with your other expenses. Despite the advantages … Read More

Avoid These First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Are you thinking about buying your first home in Albuquerque? If so, there’s a great deal of things to consider. But don’t let that intimidate you. Many first time buyers make the same mistakes, but if you learn from what they did or didn’t do, you can avoid making them. Here’s a few major mistakes that first time home buyers … Read More

Honor Those Who Serve This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is fast approaching, so now is a good time to plan for the weekend if you haven’t already done so. It’s also the unofficial start of summer, giving us even more to celebrate. Albuquerque is the perfect place to both remember our veterans and enjoy the freedoms they fought for. Here’s a few events we can look forward … Read More

Add New Life to Your Home with an Indoor Garden

For centuries, indoor gardens have been used to add color and life to homes of all kinds. It’s not just looks that describe the benefits of planting an indoor garden. Caring for an indoor garden is also a great way to deal with stress. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been gardening for years, following a … Read More

Home Inspection Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re buying or selling a home in Albuquerque, a home inspection is going to be an important part of the process. The home inspection will assess the condition of the home, identifying problems that can give buyers important information about what will need to be repaired when they buy the home. If you’re getting a home inspection, what are … Read More

What to Look For When Buying a Home

You’re buying your first home in Albuquerque and the excitement abounds. But you have to be careful that all the excitement doesn’t cloud your vision. It’s easy to see the exterior of a home and how much you like (or dislike it). But you need to see the inside as well. How was it maintained? What issues will come up … Read More

Stage Your Home to Sell

Selling your home in Albuquerque can be a challenge. Many home sellers decide to hire a pro to help them stage their home to attract more buyers. But if you don’t want to spend that extra money, there’s certainly some helpful tips from the pros that you can do on your own to help your home sell more quickly and … Read More

Moving With Pets

Moving can be a stressful time for people. So you can guess how stressful it can be for pets. They don’t understand or have been prepared for such a huge change in their environment. As such, much with pets can be challenging. There’s no absolute way to make the experience stress free for you and your precious pets, but you … Read More

Albuquerque Farmers Markets Keep It Fresh

If you plan on buying a home in Albuquerque, or you already live here, you don’t need to worry about where to find fresh, healthy local produce. Albuquerque is bursting with markets featuring the best local produce and natural grocery items. And you can eat fresh and healthy in Albuquerque no matter what season it is, as there’s both indoor … Read More

Steps to Buying Your First Home in Albuquerque

What an exciting time – you’re ready to buy your first home in Albuquerque! This is certainly a big decision.  A great deal of time and money will be invested in this endeavor. What are all the steps involved in the home buying process? You need to know what’s involved and what to expect before you start.  You also need … Read More

Latest NAR Data Shows Now Is a Great Time to Sell in Albuquerque

It’s no secret that the best time to sell anything is when the demand is high and the supply is low for that item. This is particularly true with selling a home. So if you plan on selling your home in Albuquerque, there’s great news. Two major reports released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that that now … Read More

Make Sure Your Children Attend the Best Schools in Albuquerque

You have kids in school and are you planning to buy a home in Albuquerque. Now what? You certainly want to find the right home near the best schools. And you definitely don’t want to end up having buyer’s remorse when buying your home if it turns out that the school you live near isn’t right for your child. But … Read More

Albuquerque is Home to Great Antique Collecting

Antique collecting can certainly be an addiction, but a good one. People who live in Albuquerque already know that the best antiques in the Southwest can be found here.  You’ll definitely feel at home if you love antiques and are thinking about buying a home in Albuquerque. The downtown area is filled with all sorts of shops to find treasures … Read More

Millionaire To Millennials Don’t Rent A Home Buy

David Bach is a self-made millionaire and has written nine consecutive New York Times best-selling books. For 31 weeks his book, “The Automatic Millionaire,” was on the New York Times bestseller list. He is also one of the only business authors in history to have four books simultaneously on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and USA Today … Read More

Spend the Perfect Valentines Day in Albuquerque

Here comes Valentine’s Day! Do you live in Albuquerque and looking for something different to do with your sweetheart this year? The great news is there are so many things about this city that’s perfect for lovers – great food, clean air, and wide open spaces. So skip the chocolates and do something different this Valentine’s Day in Albuquerque. Here’s … Read More

Can You Finance a Home if You Are on SSI or SSDI

If you live in Albuquerque and are on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, you may have wondered if buying a home is attainable.  Perhaps you’ve wondered if merely owning a home may affect your benefits, making home owning nearly impossible. The fact is that many people living on SSDI and SSI benefits do qualify … Read More

Bring in the New Year With These Fun Events in Albuquerque

Where has 2017 gone? 2018 is fast approaching, so it’s time to get ready for the party! There’s a number of great New Year’s Eve events coming up this Sunday night in Albuquerque.  Get ready to have a great time and bring in the New Year in style with these events! New Year’s Eve Dinner at Gruet Winery Get ready … Read More

Celebrate the Holidays in Albuquerque With These Holiday Events

Looking for a great way to spend celebrate the holidays in Albuquerque? There’s only about 2 weeks left to celebrate the season, but these events will help you get the most out of the holidays. If you’re looking for a new and special way to create holiday memories this year with friends and family, then get ready for these fun … Read More

Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

What an exciting time in your life – you’re buying a new home! It’s easy to get carried away with all the excitement. But that also means that, you need to think carefully about your decisions. You’re sure to find a home that you’ll fall in love with. Many times when that happens, people will let their emotions take over … Read More

Albuquerque Has Huge Increase in Homeownership

If you look at trends across the country, it may seem that the dream of owning a home is not well. But that’s really not the care. Buying a home may be more difficult lately. Factors such as student loan debt, rising home prices and a fewer available properties have certainly made it more difficult. Because of this, on a … Read More

Albuquerque Bed & Breakfasts Offer the Ultimate Getaway

There are many things that make Albuquerque special, and one of those things is the unique and historic bed and breakfasts you’ll find in this amazing city. I doesn’t matter if you live in Albuquerque or visiting, the perfect getaway is waiting for you here. Want a romantic setting for a wedding, honeymoon, or anniversary? Maybe you’re up for a … Read More

Albuquerque Has The Best Local Gifts

The holidays are almost here! Are you buying the same old gifts every year? The great news is that Albuquerque is the perfect place to find unique southwestern gifts and unique fashions. If you’re looking for handmade and Native American made gifts, it’s all here – antiques, furnishings, books, apparel, culinary specialties,– you name it. You can see the full list … Read More

Tips for Moving with Children

So, you’ve made the decision. You’re moving. You even found the perfect house. Now its time to start packing. As well as tell the kids. No matter how far you’re moving, it usually is an upsetting event in a child’s life. So how can you make the ordeal go smoother? Have a Family Meeting. Get some of their favorite foods and … Read More

Nighttime Home Security and Safety

You hear on the news or from a neighbor that someone had a home invasion. Then you might think “That’ll probably never happen to me, I live in a nice, peaceful neighborhood”. Truth is, it can happen to anyone at any time. Here are some tips and tricks to help ensure that you and your family stay safe at night. … Read More

Great Décor Tips for Fall in New Mexico

Pumpkins. A definite sign that fall is on your doorstep or is already falling much great gusto from your trees. Matching this cheerful end-of-summer New Mexico sensation with fresh homey décor ideas is an absolute must. For starters, an awesome pumpkin or two on your porch and strategically placed saucer pumpkins will add to the effect. Don’t forget the trees … Read More

Preventing Electrical Fires in the Home

Home safety is important. But one thing many people overlook is electrical safety. There are around 51,000 home electrical fires a year, with nearly 500 deaths, over 1,400 injuries and $1.3 billion in damages. Yet there are ways to reduce the risk to you and your family. Here’s a few tips to get you started. Outlets: Don’t overload outlets with … Read More

Stay Safe This Hallows Eve in Albuquerque!

Halloween is almost here. It’s time for the spectacle of treats, crazy costumes for the kids and scaring each other silly. It’s also a time to remember to take some caution and safety preparation that can go a long way for our crazy little monsters of the night. Here’s a few tips on safety for this year’s Halloween in Albuquerque. … Read More