How to Save Money on Granite Countertops

Nothing looks better than a granite countertop in your bath or kitchen.  They’re tough, always in style, and take less maintenance. It may seem that it would be too expensive to install granite.  Yet you don’t need to buy the most expensive granite to get amazing results. Here’s what you should know about granite counters and how you can cut back the cost of installing one.


Granite countertops range in price from $2000 – $4500, which includes materials and installation. Typically granite is priced by the square foot, which can include delivery, installation, and simple edge finishes.  Extra features such as decorative edge treatments and cutouts for sinks or stove tops will of course cost more. You also need to consider plumbing hookups and disposal of your old countertop.

The grade of the countertop will affect the price as well. The grade is based on the availability of the stone, color, shipping and distinctiveness.  This doesn’t, however, always reveal the granite’s overall quality.

Saving Money

  1. Shop around

Shop around and compare big box stores, design studios, granite fabricators, and companies that specialize in prefabricated granite counters. Make sure to hire an established company that’s insured. Check online reviews and talk to family or friends who have had granite installed. When chose two or three companies, visit each one to talk about the project and see examples of their work. Shopping around can really save hundreds of dollars in the end.

  1. Buy the sink and faucet separately

Try to buy the sink, faucet and any plumbing separately so you can get the lowest prices on each item.

  1. Use a remnant

Granite companies may offer discounts on smaller pieces of stone left over from other projects.

  1. Go prefab

Prefabricated counters are already cut and polished, and are great for simple counters that don’t need many cuts.

  1. Have the installer do final measurements

Have the installer take the final measurements and make a template which the final estimate will be based on. This will avoid making expensive mistakes.

Adding a granite countertop is a great way to make your home look better and raise the resale value of your home.