How to Get Your Family to Clean Out the Closets

Let’s face it – if you have kids, you have messy closets. The hustle and bustle of daily life usually doesn’t leave much time to organize. And living in a disorganized home can make you feel a bit out of control.

Organizing every closet in the house can be daunting. But it you can get the family in on the project, you might be surprised at how much you can accomplish. What are some ways you can get your family to help?

Talk about organizing the closets before you plan to start. It’s easier to get people to do things that they don’t want to do if you talk about it first and mentally prepare them. And let your kids know that you’ll make the experience fun and rewarding for them. That will certainly put grease on the wheels, as it were.

Of course every project needs at least some planning to be successful. Are the closets full of clothes your kids don’t wear anymore, or are out of season? Set goals to clean out unwanted items and organize what’s left. Realistic goals are the key to success. If you aim too high, it could lead to disappointment.

Everyone wants rewards. Scheduling regular breaks is a great start. You should also find a reward that keeps the family moving. You know what your family loves to eat or do, so try to make that happen for them when they reach a goal. Keeping a positive and fun attitude will do wonders for keeping the project on the move.

Unwanted Items
You’ll certainly come across items you don’t need or want. Don’t throw them away. Make a pile or put them in boxes to either donate or sell. If you have a Goodwill donation center nearby for example, you can get a coupon for usually 20% off an item bought from their stores, plus you can write it off your taxes. Of course there are a number of donation centers in Albuquerque you can give to. You can also try some consignment shops in Albuquerque to make some fast cash, such as 2 Time Couture and Your Other Closet.

Organizing your closets can actually be a rewarding experience for the whole family. It teaches your kids cooperation and organizational skills. And it can be a fun time if you plan ahead.