Moving With Pets

Moving can be a stressful time for people. So you can guess how stressful it can be for pets. They don’t understand or have been prepared for such a huge change in their environment. As such, much with pets can be challenging. There’s no absolute way to make the experience stress free for you and your precious pets, but you can take some steps to make the change a bit less troubling for them.

Here’s a few tips you can try.

Prepare for the First Few Days
The first few days of unpacking can be the most stressful , so make an ‘overnight kit’ that has enough food, litter, toys and other needed items to keep your pets comfortable.

Talk to Your Vet
If you’re moving far enough to need a new vet, contact your current vet to transfer records and prescriptions if any. See if they can recommend a vet in your new area.

Keep Them Out of the Action
Keeping your pets with a friend or in a kennel during the move is best, but if you can’t, at least keep them in a quiet space. If there’s an empty room in your new home or garage you can keep clear, then that is ideal. Check on them regularly and try to stick with feeding and walking routines.

Move Them in Your Vehicle
Your pets will take the changes better if they ride with you and not in a moving van or with other people. You may want to throw a blanket over their carrier so they can’t see the changing environment.

Keep Them Inside
Don’t let your dog or cat outside until you get to your new home, as they can get lost if they get away from you. Do this even if your dog is normally well behaved. They need a few days to adjust to their new neighborhood and environment.

Move the House Before Your Pets
The more of the house you have moved and set up before you move your pets, the better. You can set up one room first to move them into and keep them there to let them adjust. Give them plenty of attention and toys to make them feel at home.
Moving is never easy, but if you prepare, you can make it easier for your furry family.