Save Money the Next Time You Move

If there’s one thing that’s always true about moving, is that it’s expensive. You can easily rack up thousands of dollars of costs along the way. But it doesn’t need to cost as much if you plan ahead and follow these simple suggestions.

1. Timing Your Move
The timing of your move can really affect how much you spend. You can save more by moving during the months between October and April, as this is a less busy time for moving companies. Moving companies also usually charge less during weekdays. If you have flexibility, try to schedule your move during these times.

2. Lighten Your Load
It should come as no surprise that the less items you have to move, the less you’ll pay. This applies to either hiring a moving company or renting a truck.

Moving is a perfect time to purge the extra clutter from your life. You can start with the larger items, then work your way to the smaller things. You can have a moving sale to make some extra cash, or donate your items to charity. Some charities will even pick up larger items. You can also write off donations from your taxes.

Reducing the amount of items you move reduces effort and stress as well. And if you have friends and family helping, they’ll appreciate that you’ve done what you can to lighten their load as well.

3. Save on Boxes
If you use boxes from a moving company, they will cost more, as they’re sturdier and offer more protection. But you can reduce this cost by buying used boxes sold by many moving companies. They offer the same protection as new boxes.

You can also check post on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, along with local stores. Try to find liquor boxes, as they’re more sturdy. Just make sure the boxes are in good shape and can be sealed properly.

4. Pack It Yourself
If you use a moving company, you can pack your own boxes to save money. But you should check with them to make sure of their policies on packing your won boxes. They have safety concerns and may make you repack them if not done correctly.

5. Save Your Receipts
Make sure to save all of your receipts of your company or military is reimbursing you.

6. Shop Around
Don’t just go with the first moving company you find. Check around and compare prices. Also make sure to check out ratings on Google. along with the Better Business Bureau.

You can also check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which receives over 4,000 fraud complaints each year related to interstate moves, primarily related to lost items, damage to property, or overcharges. Doing your homework will help you find the best price and select a reputable company.

Moving doesn’t have to cost as much if you follow these basic tips.