Tips for Selling Your Albuquerque Home in Winter

You may think that selling your Albuquerque home during the winter may be more challenging than in the summer. Yet there are actually advantages when selling your home during the colder months. There are fewer homes on the market to compete with. Yet, there are still buyers on the market, with a wide variety of reasons why they need to buy a home Albuquerque. Winter is also a great time to show off how family friendly and cosy your home can be. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Welcome Buyers Home

Making your front door welcoming is a huge way to make a great first impression. You can make your entrance appealing with a wreath or garland that’s appropriate for the winter months. Perhaps leave up the Christmas lights a little longer, at least around the door. You can put plant urns with festive greenery with silver ball ornaments tucked inside, then add some gold, red, or green ribbon. Whatever you do, make the front door an appealing portal to the rest of your home.

Make the Good First Impression a Lasting One

Now that you’ve got the potential buyer thought your inviting entrance, you want to keep that great impression going. Make sure the heat is on and your home is at a comfortable temperature, or that first impression may take a nose-dive. You want to make the buyer want to linger a little longer and feel like it’s their home.

Warm it Up

Add a little more warmth with some candles and potpourri in the main rooms. Go with popular scents like vanilla or cookies. You can also simmer a pot of cider on the stove for added effect on really cold days.

Use the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, that’s a great way to add a glow to your home during a viewing.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

During the winter, you may have to pay more attention to the exterior than in the summer. If there’s been some inclement weather, make sure you check to make sure your siding is clean. Washing siding with soapy water can make a huge difference.

Manage the Foliage

Make sure you trim any trees or shrubs around the entrance and walkways. It certainly won’t hurt them either. It will keep the landscaping in front of your home looking well maintained and manicured.