Keeping Your Albuquerque House Clean with Dogs While It’s on the Market

Are you selling your home in Albuquerque and have dogs? Of course you love your canine friends. But we have to face the fact that it can be harder to sell a house that smells like dogs or looks like pets have lived in them. You may have got used to the odors your dogs leave behind, but potential buyers will notice them right away.

How can you keep your house free of the smells from pets before you put it on the market?

Steam Clean Everything Fabric

Soft surfaces soak up the most odors. That means you need to steam clean everything that’s fabric in the house.

Those silly dogs lo ve to rub on everything, getting oils, odors, and fur on the fabric. So you need to clean carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, and even the drapes. This may sound extreme, but it could mean the difference between selling or not selling your home.


No doubt you groom your dog regularly, so now is as good a time as any to get them groomed. But make sure you have it done professionally. That way it’s a more thorough cleaning, and it will go down their drain instead of yours.

While your home is listed, regularly brush your dog outside to keep hair off the sofa or rugs.

Clean Tile-Floor Grout

Tile grout also sucks up pet stains and smells. You can steam clean grout to lift those stains and smells. If the grout is really looking bad, hire a pro to chip it out and put in new grout.

Get an Air Purifier

You may not notice pet odors since you’ve been used to them. Adding an air purifier with a HEPA filter will pull hair and dander out of the air and reduce that smell.

Most air ducts don’t need to be cleaned, especially if you change filters regularly. But if dander and fur seem to be taking over, hire a duct-cleaning company before putting your home on the market.

Use Enzymatic Cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners are specially made to remove pet odors. They’re made from beneficial bacteria that eat stains and odors.

They’re formulated to get rid of a specific type of stain, so a cleanser that targets urine won’t be the same as one for vomit. Apply them liberally to stains regardless of how old they are.

Get Rid of Scratches

Pet toenails leave telltale marks on doors and walls. For walls and doors made of synthetic materials, you’ll just need to paint over the marks. If you have a wooden door, use wood-filler pen can fill in the scratches. On hardwood floors, rub out small scratches with steel wool or fine sandpaper followed by mineral spirits, wood filler, and polyurethane. For major damage, refinishing the hardwood is a good investment.

Absorb Odors With Charcoal

Charcoal is great for pulling moisture and odors out of the air. Place inconspicuous little bags of it in places your pets love most. Or, just strategically stash some charcoal briquettes around the house.

Spot Clean Furniture Daily

Keeping your dog off the couch isn’t always possible, so cover your freshly-cleaned furniture with throws or pet covers, and wash them at least once a week. Vacuum rugs and carpets every day. Pet smells sink in fast.

Get a Sniff Test

You’ve scrubbed everything, and you think your house smells like a dog has never set foot in the door. Get a second opinion as to whether the odors are gone. You may be nose-blind. Ask your agent to walk through and give you an honest opinion.