Stage Your Home to Sell

Selling your home in Albuquerque can be a challenge. Many home sellers decide to hire a pro to help them stage their home to attract more buyers. But if you don’t want to spend that extra money, there’s certainly some helpful tips from the pros that you can do on your own to help your home sell more quickly and maybe even get more money in the sale. Here’s a few tips that can help.

Having a spotless home – it may seem like a simple concept. But it is so essential to make sure that your home is free from clutter. Don’t just get rid of daily clutter. Get rid of items you haven’t used in years. This serves both the purpose of making your home clean, but it will also help the moving process once your home is sold. You home has to be cleaner than it’s ever been, so make sure you clean with prejudice. And if you can’t bear to throw certain things away, think about storing them in an outside storage unit (not in the garage or shed as they need to see those clean as well).

Curb Appeal
What do buyers see first when they look at your home? Of course it’s the outside. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to real estate, that’s not always true. Many times, the outside reflects the inside. Some buyers will just drive on by if the outside looks bad. So make sure the yard is clean and maintained. Add a fresh coat of paint to the siding and trim. Gleaming hardware and a few potted plants also help. Power wash the walkways and driveway. Also think about investing in new roofing if it’s showing its age.

Do a Walk-Through
Try to see your home with new eyes by doing a walk-through from the buyer’s perspective. You can see not only what needs cleaning, but things that need to be changed. What could be removed to make the room look bigger? Could you change a solid door with a French door to let in more light? Do the kitchen cabinets need new hardware? Even simple changes can make a huge difference.

Other things you can look at in your home are making sure your foyer is clean and clutter free, making the rooms more generic and versatile, find ways to let in more light, cleaning the fridge and organize the cupboards.