Tips for Moving with Children

So, you’ve made the decision. You’re moving. You even found the perfect house. Now its time to start packing. As well as tell the kids. No matter how far you’re moving, it usually is an upsetting event in a child’s life. So how can you make the ordeal go smoother?

Have a Family Meeting. Get some of their favorite foods and have a nice family diner, that way you can casually bring up the subject. This gives you a chance to let them know why the move is necessary and let them ask their questions, so you can answer them and ease any concerns they will have.

Involve Them in the Process. This is a good opportunity to go through the house and get rid of all the unnecessary junk that has accumulated over the years. Get the kids to help you decide what can be trashed, donated or sold.

Help Them Learn About Where They’re Moving. Help them learn as much about their soon to be new community. Encourage them to do some research of their own. Help the check out the local schools and school district. A website with pictures of their new school would be helpful and help them get a sense of where they’ll be attending school. Too, try to find a local online paper to help everyone get a feel for the local people and issues.

These are just a few suggestions on how to make moving with children easier. For more tips, check out this link here.