Make Sure Your Children Attend the Best Schools in Albuquerque

You have kids in school and are you planning to buy a home in Albuquerque. Now what? You certainly want to find the right home near the best schools. And you definitely don’t want to end up having buyer’s remorse when buying your home if it turns out that the school you live near isn’t right for your child.

But certainly your real estate agent can show you all the best schools in Albuquerque, right? In fact, they can’t. There are fair housing laws have been put in place that prevent agents from personally recommending schools. It was discovered that some agents in recent years have been labeling schools as “bad” to swing the sales of homes toward more prosperous neighborhoods. That means that its up to you as a parent to research the best schools in Albuquerque for your children. After finding a school you think would be best for your children, you can then have your agent can help you find the right home near that school.

There are at least 3 questions you should ask when finding the right school in Albuquerque.

What school will you child attend?

Sure this may seem obvious, and that’s why some people forget to ask it. There are dozens of schools in the Albuquerque Public School district, so that means you have a lot of schools to choose from. Their website has a great deal of information about schools in Albuquerque that should be useful in finding a good school.

What are the numbers?

Even though numbers don’t provide a complete perspective, they are a great place to start. You can find helpful ratings and scores on websites such as and They use test scores, reviews, and other factors to rate the best schools in a given area. is another website that rates schools based on similar criteria.

What about reputation?

If you know people in the area you want to move to in Albuquerque, ask them what they know the schools in the area. You might even meet with the principal of a school to get an even closer look, presuming you can make such an arrangement. See if they can give you a tour of the school with your child present. Look at class sizes. Is the library well stocked? What does your child think about the school? These are great indicators to look for.

Finding the right school and the right home for sale in Albuquerque is worth the effort. Once you do find a great school for your child, let us help you find the right home near that school. Our powerful search tools can help you find homes for sale near the schools of your choice in Albuquerque. Also make sure to take advantage of our Home Buyer Listing Alerts to get automated alerts of homes as they hit the market. And you can always feel free to call us at 505-980-2999 to speak with an experienced agent.