How to Prevent Mold In Your Home

Mold – it’s a dirty word no matter how you look at it, at least in the home. Mold can cause significant damage to your home and is certainly not good for your health. Mold can grow anywhere, and getting rid of spores completely is almost impossible. But with a few preventative measures, you can keep mold to a minimum. Here’s a few tips to help you keep mold in check.

Find Problem Areas

You can’t make a home completely mold proof, but you can make it mold resistant. Go through your home and look for areas that are prone to mold.  Does the basement flood? Are there windows that have condensation? Is there a water stain on the ceiling from a leak? Preventing mold can be  as easy as removing a carpet in the basement, or repairing a damaged gutter.

Keep Things Dry

Moisture is an invitation for mold spores. Things like wet spots on the carpet, clothes or wet laundry in the dryer should be dried as soon as possible. The bathroom is especially a hotbet for mold spores, so make sure you keep the bathroom dry and clean. Turn on the fan or open the window while bathing or showering, and do so until the moisture is gone. Dry around the kitchen sink after washing dishes. Keep areas like the bathroom and laundry room open for ventilation.

Keep Good Airflow In You Home

The air is unable to hold as much moisture as is cools down. Keeping a good airflow in your home will keep that moisture from settling into your walls or windows. Keep doors in the home open to help increase circulation and pull your furniture from the walls a bit. Fresh air never hurts.

Cooking and taking a shower are also activities that can invite moisture. Make sure you use the fan when cooking or taking a shower, or in the laundry room when washing clothes.

Keeping Plants In the Home

Keep an eye on your houseplants. They can attract mold in the soil. Try keeping them in areas that have good airflow and be careful not to water them more than is necessary for each plants needs.

Following these simple suggestions will help keep mold out of your home.