Can Using Storage Help Your Next Move?

Selling your home can be challenging and stressful. You’re taking on two major tasks at once – getting your home to show to potential buyers and getting ready to move. Will getting a storage unit will help the process go more smoothly? Yes and no, depending on your situation.

When you move, it provides a perfect opportunity to clean the clutter from your life. You can sell, donate, or dispose of the things you don’t need, meaning you’ll have less to pack and move.

But you may also not have enough time to go through everything, so you may need to do whatever it takes to get through the process. That’s where storing items may be an advantage. What are some things to think about when considering if you should use storage when you move?

Advantages of Using Storage

  1. Pack up all the things you don’t need now.
  2. Staging your home will be more simple.
  3. You home will look larger, adding to selling appeal.
  4. Personal items will be out of sight from buyers.
  5. Out of sight, out of mind.
  6. You can sort all your items later.
  7. You can decide what furniture works best in your new home and decide what to keep after you move.

Disadvantages of Using Storage

  1. Another expense.
  2. You’ll have to handle everything twice, which is more work.
  3. Not all units guarantee your items will be safe, so you may need additional insurance.
  4. Storing items can lead to delayed decisions about what stays and what goes.
  5. You may end up storing things you don’t need, and paying monthly fees for those items.
  6. It’s hard to reach items in the back of a full unit.

Portable Storage Units
By now, you’ve seen people use portable storage unites. PODS was one of the first companies to offer this service, but other companies have caught onto the trend. Portable storage units can either be used for long term storage or to store and move items to your new home. That way, you can keep the storage at your house and pack as you go. Then the unit is delivered to your new house, or taken to a warehouse for long term storage.

The great thing about portable storage is that you can pack and unpack everything in one go. This way you don’t need to haul your things to a storage facility, then back again to the new home.

Moving is hard work for sure. But with careful planning and good use of storage, you can make the process go more smoothly.