What to Expect During an Albuquerque Home Inspection

When you buy or sell a home in Albuquerque, the home inspection is a critical part of the process. A home inspection benefits all parties involved in the transaction, as it reveals what the condition of the home is and what needs work.

How can you get the most from your home inspection?  Here’s the steps of the process and how you can maximize the results.

Why Have Your Home Inspected?

If you’re selling a home in Albuquerque, the home inspection gives you the opportunity to make needed repairs, and as such, list your home for a higher value. Your home will also sell faster with fewer issues. Most people in Albuquerque want to buy a turn-key home rather than a fixer-upper.

Make sure you do your research when you hire a home inspector. The internet is a powerful way to look at reviews and work history. If you find a home inspector with a good track record, but they cost more, it’s worth it.

During the Home Inspection

Make sure you’re there during the inspection. This way, the inspector can show you the issues in person and explain options for repair. You can also ask questions and take photos. This will also help you learn about what to look for when you buy a home in Albuquerque.

Recheck and Take Notes

After your home is inspected, go back over the issues for a closer look. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, this will help with negotiations. Then you can increase or lower the asking price depending on the repairs needed.

Discuss and Negotiate Repairs

For home sellers, you can either do the repairs before the home is listed and ask for a higher price, or you can skip the repairs and lower the price. It all depends on how much time you have to put into it.

If you’re the buyer, you can ask for an asking price deduction that is equal to the estimated cost of repairs if you’re buying the home as-is. Another option is to suggest that the current owner get repairs done and then you buy it after a re-inspection following the repairs. This would be best for very expensive repairs such as for changing the entire roof or re-plumbing the entire home.

A good home inspection can make the difference between a smooth transaction and a disaster.  Make sure you find the right inspector and be involved in the process.