How to Be a Good Albuquerque Open House Guest

Open houses are a great way for home buyers and sellers to meet in a more relaxed setting. It’s your chance as a buyer to peruse your next potential home and see how you can make it your own. It’s really one of the most exciting parts of the home buying process. You definitely get more from open houses than just viewing photos online.

When it comes to home photography, you have to keep in mind that they are aimed to show the best of a home. Seeing the home in person not only reveals things the photos can’t show, but also allows you to view how you can make the home yours.

When you do decide to start going to open houses, you should talk to the people who will be living with you to decide what your wants and needs are. Then do some research (our website is a great resource), talk with your agent and lender. When you take these steps, you can then make a targeted visit with the homes you’re viewing. This not only gives you an advantage over other buyers, but saves you time.

So, before you start viewing, follow these tips to get prepared.

Make It Your Job to Know Which Houses Are “Open”

There are three ways to know when a house is available for viewing:

Ask your agent. We have details on specific properties and can keep you informed of open houses on our website.

And while you’re searching, be sure to jot down the location, time, and date for any open house that strikes your fancy. It will make it that much easier to plan times and routes for hitting as many homes as possible.

Get There Early (and Say Hi to the Neighbors)

Showing up early shows you’re serious about buying. You can beat the rush as well and have more time to speak with the hosting agent.

And don’t be afraid to ask questions. Many home buyers avoid talking with the showing agent. But the more you speak with them, the more you’ll learn about that home.

If a house seems like a match, take a walk around the neighborhood. If you see neighbors out and about, try to talk with them about the neighborhood and get the inside scoop on what life is like there.