Sell Your Albuquerque Home Faster With These Curb Appeal Tips

When selling your Albuquerque home, the first thing to prioritize is the curb appeal. Buyers often form their initial impression based on the exterior, whether online or during a drive-by. Maintaining the curb appeal is essential for selling your house successfully. It not only attracts potential buyers but also boosts your own satisfaction and productivity.

What are some affordable ways to enhance your curb appeal without having to leave your home for supplies?

Manicure the Lawn

Maintaining your lawn is a simple DIY project that can quickly enhance the appearance of your home. Regularly mow your lawn to keep it looking neat and trim. Additionally, remove any weeds that may be detracting from its overall appearance. For an extra level of care, consider using an edger to give your lawn a clean and defined look.

Tend Those Beds

To show buyers that your home is well taken care of, groom your garden beds by weeding and removing debris. Spread mulch throughout the garden for a weed-free and fresh appearance. For quick and long-lasting color, plant annual flowers like pansies, black-eyed Susans, impatiens, and petunias.

Wash Off Dirt

A garden hose with a nozzle is effective for removing debris from sidewalks, driveways, and the front of your house. If you have a power washer, it is even more powerful. However, when power washing siding, be cautious as the strong power can cause damage.

Tidy Up the Driveway

Your garbage and recycling should be put to the side of your house, preferably behind a bush or small screen. Keep your driveway and lawn free of debris. Getting rid of old ornaments that show their age is also a great idea.

Make the Windows Sparkle

To achieve a sparkling home, it is essential to have clean windows both inside and out. If your windows tilt out, cleaning the exterior becomes easier. However, it may be necessary to have someone hold a ladder for stability. For windows with dirt and cobwebs, spraying them with a garden hose is an effective first step. To thoroughly clean, a mixture of vinegar or detergent diluted in warm water can be used for scrubbing. In the case of windows that do not tilt out, a long-handled brush can be utilized for washing.

Add Some Light

You don’t have to spend a fortune on landscape lighting. Get some lanterns to line the walkways or something to hang from a tree can to give your yard a stylish effect. Lighting not only highlights key areas of your yard, like trees and flower beds, it also provides a bit of extra security. If you’re still not sure where to start, check out your local hardware store with a photo or sketch of your home and ask for ideas. Let them know you’re planning on selling your home and you’re struggling with your curb appeal, you might get some great advice.

With these simple tips, your Albuquerque home will be ready to sell.


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