Create More Space in Your Albuquerque Home

Custom Entryway

Are you running out of space to store things in your Albuquerque home? Most home owners find it hard to create more storage space in their home. Here's a few tips that can help you free up some space and organize all of your stuff.

A New View

One way to find new ways to store items is to give your home a close look to see if there's a corner or niche that could be turned into a closet or have room to place storage containers. You may just need to open your mind to reimagine a space.

The Right Furniture

Furniture that serves as storage is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Ottomans are a great example of this, as they can serve as an extra seat, as well as hide items like remotes, blankets, or anything that is cluttering up your living space.

Spin the Bookcase

IKEA’s KALLAX is a great idea as it has plenty of storage space and you don't need a ton of wall space to use it. It’s finished on both sides, so you can also use it as a wall divider. If you're not into KALLAX, you create your own version by placing two bookcases back to back.

Space Saver Bags

Space saver bags are no gimmick. They really do help with storing all sorts of items, especially seasonal clothes, bedding, and other soft items as they can be compressed to a fraction of the size.

Rolling Along

All that space under the bed is just going to waste. You can capitalize on it by getting a few rolling storage tubs. And it will keep the dust bunnies away.

Top Shelf

You know that shelf above the hanging rod in your closet? There's usually plenty of space above that shelf where you can put an extra shelf. That way your stuff won't be teetering or toppling, and you can use all the space available up to the ceiling.

Hang from the Ceiling

If you're looking to create more storage in your garage, you can use a solution that hangs from the ceiling, like SafeRacks. You can get them online or at Costco. It's an ideal way to get your items off the floor so you can park your cars.

Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are notorious for taking up space. You may have space in your kitchen, but it's just not organized enough. Finding the right organizer can make a huge difference and make cooking easier. This solution will help your kitchen storage dramatically.

DIY Solutions

If you’ve got a good imagination and a few good tools, you can make something that will help meet your storage needs. You can put Bob Vila’s secret compartments in the fireplace trim, pull-out drawers in the banquette, and definitely the under-the-stairs trick on your to-do list.