Critical Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. But it can be frustrating. As you’re getting to know your new place, you’re going to be running into things that you didn’t know about before you moved in. But many surprises can be avoided if you ask the right questions of the seller. Sure, you may get details from the home inspection and disclosure, but why not talk to the people who have lived there already? Just make sure to ask these questions at the end of the selling process, as the seller might think their answers would make the sale not go through.

What Are Past Problems That Were Fixed?
Even though existing problems are disclosed in the seller’s statement, it doesn’t reveal what past problems may have been fixed. Use the disclosure as a place to start when asking to learn what wasn’t listed.

Switch and Valve Locations
The home inspector may not always show you where all the valves and circuit breakers are. Especially if it’s an older or larger home, just ask the seller where everything is and if there’s anything special about their operation.

Ask About the Neighborhood
This may be a loaded question, but you’ll usually get the best of both worlds and everything in between. That’s OK, because it can help you keep your move-in experience more enjoyable. You’ll know what to expect and hopefully help make new friends with your neighbors.