Ideas to Make This a Mother’s Day to Remember

Are you stuck thinking of ideas for Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 10? The lockdown has made life a challenge, but don’t worry, you can still share a special day with mom in Albuquerque. Here’s a few ideas that will help you make this Mother’s Day 2020 one to remember.

Share a meal

Sure, you can’t eat in a restaurant right now, but many restaurants in Albuquerque are offering takeout or delivery. You can eat together in person if you live together, or set up a virtual meal through video conferencing. You can have the food delivered to you separately at about the same time to make sure your food is ready in both locations.

Enjoy nature together

The weather is going to be beautiful this Sunday, so why not sit together on the porch and just enjoy the fresh air. Poor some lemonade or wine, sit back, and relax.

Relax with casual activities

Another relaxing way to spend time together, virtually or in person, is to watch a favorite movie or TV show. Many major TV stations like ABC, NBC, and CBS offer full episodes of their shows for free on their websites and through their apps.

You could also do a jigsaw puzzle, sudoku, or crossword puzzle together. If you’re not in the same household, it doesn’t have to be the same puzzle. The goal is to enjoy an activity together.

Bake or cook together

Why not spend the day baking or cooking a favorite dish or dessert? Depending on each of your abilities, one of you can prep for the other, or just be a taste-tester.

Relax with music

Another activity that can be enjoyed in person together or via video call or telephone is to listen to music together. If you both play the same song, you can listen or even sing along together. If one or both of you plays an instrument, you can pick a song or two to parter up on.

Whatever you do, make this Sunday a Mother’s Day to remember. Your mom deserves it!

Happy Mother’s Day!