Impress Albuquerque Home Buyers With These Lawn Tips

Beautiful Lawn

Your front yard speaks volumes about your home. If your front yard is rough, messy, and unkept, buyers will naturally leave the field while driving to the next property on their list. Don't let that happen by ensuring your front yard is lush and as beautiful as the inside of your home.

Are there areas in your front yard you should focus on? Where do you begin? Here are the steps you should take to revitalize your front yard if you plan to sell your home in Albuquerque:

1. Cut the grass

Buyers don't want to trudge through tall grass. The lawn, however, should still look green, alive and lush. The lawn mower needs to be out once a week, if not every other week, to keep it short. Water so that the sun won't dry out the grass and make it yellow or brown. A professional landscaper can maintain the right balance of edging and growth so the lawn looks perfect for potential buyers.

2. Plant more shade trees

If you want to really add some shade, plant more trees in the front yard. You can deflect the unnatural glare of the sun with shade trees and cool the house if they're planted close to windows. The moisture will also keep the grass green. You can plant trees that are shorter so they will grow full by the time the new owner buys the house. However, it's important that they are strong and can handle the climate.

3. Install outdoor lighting

Landscape lighting is a good way to illuminate the house at night and showcase parts of your yard. Depending on where you place the lights, the house will look very appealing at night to buyers who may not have time to shop during the day. In addition to illuminating a path between the curb and your front door for easier navigation, outdoor lighting also helps to emphasize the beauty of your landscaping, which heightens the beauty of your home.

4. Add flowers for more color

If your front yard is lush and green, you should add more color to make it more appealing. Flowers are a great and easy way to make the yard more appealing, as are shrubbery with different blooms. Perennials are the best for this because they last for more than one year, which requires less upkeep on both the seller and the buyer. They are available in a variety of colors and types, so the yard can be adorned with any number of them while still requiring less care.

5. Keep everything clean

Furthermore, it is also important to keep all other parts of the house clean. Anywhere dirt can accumulate - siding, porches, front doors, driveways - should be cleaned regularly. Buyers don't want to see dirt and mess, so take a broom, a power washer, and take an hour on the weekend to clean everything up. Need a power washer? A professional powerwashing service costs as little as $293.