Making Your Albuquerque Home Appeal to Remote Workers

Woman working from home

More and more Albuquerque home buyers are working remotely, which has changed what they want in a home. Businesses are choosing to delay reopenings or go remote full-time, and buyers are looking for homes with more space to accommodate their work needs.

It is assured that you will find a buyer for the extra room you have in your home if you no longer need it.

Working Remotely is Here to Stay

There are still many Americans who work remotely. According to a recent Garter, Inc. poll, many organizations haven't yet returned to their offices: “. . . 66% of organizations are delaying reopening their offices due to new COVID-19 variants.”

Remote working is not just a trend among companies - workers are also seeking more flexibility. A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that nearly one in five employees would prefer to work remotely in the future. Many people are leaving jobs to pursue remote work opportunities, according to the study: “Among employees looking for new jobs, almost one in ten say it’s because they moved away from the office while working remotely and don’t want to go back on-site.”

More Remote Work Means a Greater Need for Home Offices

Today's buyers prioritize finding homes with more space so they can work from home comfortably. According to the American Institute of Architects survey of 2021, 69% of respondents still wish to have an office at home. The study also shows that more people are looking for multiple spaces in their home to conduct remote work and virtual meetings.

How Does This Affect You?

In case you have extra space in your house and are no longer using it, buyers are interested, so now may be a good time to sell.

Sandi Pressley and her expert team will help make sure your listing highlights many of the most sought-after features, such as a home office. However, if you have an unused room, consider staging it as a location where remote work can be accomplished. You can enlist the help of your agent to evaluate and prepare your space for potential buyers, as well. You'll get recommendations for how to stage a room, where to draw attention, and what other sellers are doing to make their houses stand out.

Due to the continued rise of remote work, more buyers are looking for homes that can accommodate multiple home offices. If you have extra room you’re no longer using, consider selling. Discuss the unique features of your home with us and how you can utilize any extra space to appeal to today's buyers.