Moving Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Moving into a new home in Albuquerque may have seemed like a daunting task before the COVID-19 pandemic. But now we have to take extra steps to make sure we stay safe and protect others as well when moving into a new home.

If you can postpone your move, that would be ideal. But you may not have that luxury. And if you can move without a moving company, that's also ideal. But if you do need to hire movers, what steps can you take to move safely during this pandemic and protect everyone involved?


Contact your movers.

Talk to your moving company about the safeguards they are implementing and best practices for moving day. Make sure you're both on the same page so that the move goes mor smoothly.

Buy all of your supplies in one go.

You will want to limit how many times you go out to get supplies and how many stores you go to. Try your best to plan for what you need and get it all in one trip. You can use this packing calculator to get an estimate of what you’ll need based on the number of rooms and people in your house. Buy extra if in doubt.

Clean as you pack.

Cleaning items before you pack has the dual effect of protecting yourself and others, as well as making less work when you unpack in your new home. Use disinfectant, and if you don't have any, make your own with a solution of one tablespoon bleach to one gallon water.

Finish packing at least 24 hours before the movers arrive.

Coronovirus can last up to 24 hours on cardboard boxes. Even though your movers will be wearing gloves, it's an extra precaution to take to finish packing 24 hours ahead of the move and leave boxes untouched.


Let your mover know right away if you or anyone in your family is experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

Letting you movers know that someone is experiencing coronavirus symptoms won't necessarily cancel the move. But it will give your moving company the opportunity to put additional protocols into place to protect their workers. Also let them know if you or a family member are isolating due to exposure, as the same protocols will apply.

Provide hygiene products for your movers.

Your moving company will most likely have all the hygien products the movers will need. But it won't hurt for you to have extra products on hand just in case, such as soap and paper towels by the sink, and hand sanitizer by the door.

Don’t use free or recycled moving boxes.

The virus can live on cardboard for as long as 24 hours, so picking up used boxes from stores or other sources outside your home is not a good idea. Your moving company may be able to provide new boxes, or you can purchase them yourself.

Postpone or cancel your move if you're high risk.

If you are over 60 or have a pre-existing respiratory and cardiovascular condition, you should reconsider moving if at all possible.

If traveling for your move, plan accordingly.

Need to book flights or hotels for your move? Make refundable reservations and/or only work with companies that offer free cancellations. Ask about cancellation policies before you book so that you don’t end up wasting money later on.

Above all, use common sense when you move and stay safe.