Sell Your Albuquerque Home Faster With These Curb Appeal Ideas

Selling a home in Albuquerque is an opportunity to make a significant amount of money. And you can maximize that opportunity by enhancing your home’s curb appeal. Making your home stand out in the market is crucial to making a quick sale and getting the highest offer possible. Here are some simple and effective ideas for enhancing your curb appeal that also won’t break the bank.

Pressure Wash

Giving your home a good pressure washing is an affordable and easy way to give your home’s exterior a quick and easy makeover. You can rent a pressure washer and most hardware or home improvement stores.

Install New House Numbers

If your house has old or faded house numbers on it, install some new numbers to spruce up the curb appeal. Try to match your new house numbers with the finish that is on your exterior light fixtures. Simple house numbers can start at $2.00 for a number or you can look into customized plaques that can cost $50-$100.

Fresh Doormat

A fresh front doormat offers a welcome greeting to visitors. What better way to greet guests, while also keeping the dirt where it belongs – outside.

Install a Porch Swing

A cozy wooden porch swing adds a spot to relax outside, while also enhancing your curb appeal. Before purchasing a new porch swing, be sure to measure your space.

Paint the Front Door

You can paint your front door for less than $50. Giving your front door a new coat of paint will add brightness and revive your house. Pick a bold color that makes your house stick out, but make sure to match it to the rest of the colors on your house. Properly prep all surfaces before you paint so you’ll get great results that will last for years to come.

Install a New Door Knob

While you’re paining your front door, you can add an eye-catching door knob and punch up the design of the front of your house. With a wide range of prices and styles, you have endless options. Today, there are several safety door locks on the market that have cameras or numerical codes that will unlock the door.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is one of the most common ways to add curb appeal to your house. Before you plant a tree, consider how big the tree will get and how it will affect your house. If you have enough space, try planting two trees to frame your house or your entryway.

Outdoor Furniture

Adding seating space will give your home charm. Porch furniture can be found at antique or second hand stores and can easily be painted. Just add fresh cushions and they will look like new.