Should You Downsize to a Smaller Home in Albuquerque?

Downsizing. It's a word that's been on more people's lips lately due to the economic situation we're living in now. Many people are thinking about how they can adjust their finances to ride this storm and be more secure. For those who own a home in Albuquerque, the thought of moving into a smaller and less expensive home has stood out as a way to make better use of income now, and in the future.

Traditionally, downsizing was a decision that mostly retired homeowners were faced with. Now, virtually all of us need to consider it. But is downsizing your home the right move for you? Here are some pros and cons to consider before you abandon your home for a smaller one in Albuquerque.

Pro: You Can Make Money Selling Your Stuff

Moving into a smaller home means that you will need to shed some possessions. You can sell your more expensive items using Facebook, Craigslist, or Ebay. Depending on social distancing restrictions in the future, you can have a garage sale. Whatever is left to dispense of can be donated.

Con: Purging Can Be Exhausting

Selling your personal items does take a good deal of time (which you may have more of now anyways), but it can be exhausting. Just deciding what to get rid of can be emotionally draining.

Pro: Live in a More Desirable Neighborhood in Albuquerque

As a smaller home in Albuquerque will probably cost less, this can give you an opportunity to move to a neighborhood in Albuquerque that better fits your new lifestyle. You can check out

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