What to Expect From an Older Albuquerque Home

Albuquerque is a city rich in history, dating back hundreds of years. As such, if you’re looking to buy a home here, you might come across a home for sale that’s over 50 years old. There’s certainly nothing wrong with buying an older home, as they offer styles and features from the past that may not be found in newer homes.

When you buy an older home in Albuquerque, there are some things to consider before making a decision to buy.


Many older homes have galvanized steel water piping. This kind of pipe was used originally in the 1970’s because it was thought to have a longer shelf life. Now, after several decades, it’s been discovered that these pipes can rust inside, leading to dirty water and blockage.

A specialized plumber can help you decide what needs to be repaired with this type of plumbing. New plumbing technology will give you cleaner water and reduce leaking.

Energy Efficiency

Older homes were not built to be as energy-efficient as they are today. Energy was cheaper back then, and insulation was not always used in home construction. If insulation wasn’t installed or upgraded since the home’s original construction, then you should assess how insulated your home is and make any needed upgrades.

Single-paned windows were also used in older homes, which can add up to a huge heat loss. If you’re looking to buy an older home in Albuquerque that still has this type of window, you should decide if you plan to replace them, and how much that will cost if you do so. You may also see if you can negotiate having those windows replaced as part of the sale.

Floor Plans

Older homes in Albuquerque may not have as much floor space as newer homes. The bedrooms in older homes tend to be smaller, and master bedrooms were not as popular. 

If you’re considering an older home, but want more open space, you can do so by adding additions, redoing your kitchen, or removing walls to add to your open floor plan. Of course, these improvements will cost a good deal of money. Make sure you factor in these costs when looking to buy an older home in Albuquerque.


All the way up to the 1970’s lead paint was used in the interior of homes. The government banned lead paint in 1978. But even with that ban, lead paint was still used on occasion. Make sure that the house you plan to buy has been tested for lead. If a wall has been painted over, there still could be lead paint underneath the tops layer.

If the paint does test positive for lead, make sure it’s removed and repainted by a professional. Professional painters are better equiped to deal with unhealthy paint and make sure it’s removed in a manner that won’t cause any health issues.