Why Albuquerque Home Inspections are So Important

Man performing home inspection

The process of buying and selling a home in Albuquerque involves inspections. By doing this, buyers can avoid spending money on expensive repairs later on, and sellers can prepare their properties for a quick sale. Furthermore, regular home inspections help homeowners learn how to maintain, enhance, and increase the value of their properties.

Here are the things you should know about a home inspection and what to expect from it.

The Property Will Be Inspected Thoroughly

As the name suggests, a home inspection will cover every nook and cranny of the property, both the interior and exterior.

You should be present during the inspection if you are the buyer. The inspector will be able to show you firsthand what the inspector is checking, allowing you to determine which areas need repair and how extensive those repairs will be.

Generally, the seller should not attend the home inspection. The seller’s presence will inhibit the success of the inspection because the buyer will not be comfortable conferring with the inspector about the home’s flaws.

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It May Take Several Hours

Depending on the size of the house and the number of areas to inspect, a general home inspection can take around two to four hours or even more. In case there are too many major issues with the property, the inspection may be the start of a new process.

Depending on the findings, the report may launch a series of questions and challenges. The seller may agree to make the necessary repairs or give the buyer some money to hire someone to do the repairs before they move in. In some cases, the buyer may cancel the offer to buy the property if it has major safety issues.

You Need To Hire A Good Home Inspector

Just like in any profession, there are qualified and unqualified home inspectors. However, it can be challenging to distinguish a professional and qualified inspector from someone who’s not.

Checking the inspector's credentials is essential. A licensed and certified inspector is the best choice. The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) certifies inspectors who have passed an exam and completed a minimum of 250 inspections. An inspector licensed by the state is familiar with the state's home inspection standards.

Furthermore, you may ask to see the inspector’s sample report. This report should be comprehensive and contain color photos of the home’s problems.

Inspecting a home is a tedious process. Further evaluation is needed in many areas and aspects. Therefore, hiring a professional home inspector is essential. Also, an incompetent home inspector can jeopardize a transaction.

It Requires You To Invest Some Money

Home inspections can give the buyer peace of mind. It’s beneficial for you to know that the property has been thoroughly checked for any issues. You can be sure that the house you intend to purchase has no hidden problems that might cause you headaches once you start living there. Since no home is perfect, the home inspection can also serve as a guide on home repairs that may be required over time.

It is your responsibility to hire a home inspector as the buyer. When you purchase a property, you should know what a home inspection will cost you so you are prepared for additional costs. There is no set fee for home inspections, however. Home size and location determine the price.

Typically, the price of a general home inspection costs somewhere between USD$300 and USD$500. Also, the price may increase if you want a more specialized inspection.

You Will Receive A Home Inspection Report

A copy of the home inspection report will be sent to the buyer within a few days. It’s a usually multi-page document that includes all the details of how the inspection went and the overall condition of the property.

The report will list the issues that were found during the inspection and corresponding recommendations. Expect to see many photos from different areas that highlight the house’s flaws.

The inspector will also include in the report the age of appliances and systems in the house based on the information they’ve gathered.

The best thing about home inspections is that it protects the buyer from acquiring a property with major safety and health issues. You may also use the inspection report as leverage to request the seller to reduce the price or to undertake some repairs. The report itself is valuable because it contains a professional’s unbiased opinion about the issues they managed to uncover and how these can be addressed.