Why Quartz is Becoming the Better Choice for Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Countertop Examples

There’s nothing better than granite countertops for your kitchen, right? That seems to have been the prevailing opinion for years now. But times change, and so do design trends. Now the new material of choice for kitchen counters is turning out to be quartz. It’s now the choice of homebuyers and renovators, as well as design shows and flippers.

If you're getting ready to redo your kitchen or are building a new home in Albuquerque, here are all the reasons to go with quartz.

1. Endless options

Quartz offers a wide range of choices, whether you're looking for something super sleek or want to achieve the look of natural stone without having to deal with the maintenance.

"One of the main reasons quartz has exploded in popularity is due to appearance," said HGTV. "Quartz has the look of stone while also allowing homeowners to customize the design. While granite offers many options in terms of appearance, you may have to search for the right piece that matches your color scheme. With quartz, the selection process is much easier."

2. May be better for larger surfaces

Today's trend in kitchens is an open space with a large island. But large slabs of granite to cover an entire counter are hard to find and expensive if they are found. For a large island or expansive counter, more than one granite slab will likely be needed. Quartz is engineered, so it can be made into large slabs. And if more than one slab is needed, seaming them together is, well, seamless because there is no need to carefully color-match natural elements together as you do with granite.

3. Easy maintenance

Granite needs to be sealed once a year, which is not a big deal for most people. But granite's requirement for daily care could push people toward quartz. "With quartz, cleaning the counter is easy. The quartz washes off with soap and water and looks as good as new. You also don't have to use special bacteria-preventing soaps.

4. No staining

A main consideration for many people when choosing countertops is stain resistance. Food and drinks including juice and wine can permanently stain granite. According to HGTV, "Some oils and acids can stain" as well.

5. Scratches and burns

Granite can scratch and burn, ruining the look. Quartz is scratch resistant and avoids discoloration from hot pots, though it is not advised to put them directly down on either surface.

6. Cost

Granite can be less expensive than quartz depending on whether it is of a high or low grade, but quartz is less expensive when it comes to exotic granite.

7. Eco-friendliness

"The only way granite ends up in your kitchen is if it's quarried and that uses a lot of energy. If you opt for a high-end slab from Italy, for example, there will be considerable transportation involved. Try using indigenous stone when possible or visit salvage shops for pieces that can be cut to fit your needs," said HGTV. "Since quartz is engineered, it can be more environmentally-friendly than granite if you use regionally manufactured stone and local fabricators. This cuts down on the distance the material needs to be transported."