Signs Your Pipes Need Upgrading

Owning a home in Albuquerque comes with its fair share of maintenance tasks, and keeping an eye on the condition of your plumbing system is crucial. The pipes in your home are the unsung heroes of your daily comfort, quietly working away behind the scenes. But when they start to fail, they can cause a world of trouble. Here’s a … Read More

How to Save Money on Kitchen Cabinets

When remodeling your kitchen in Albuquerque, the new cabinetry will likely be one of the most costly expenses. Kitchen cabinets represent a significant part of a renovation, typically making up around 40% of the total budget. Two major factors influencing the cost of cabinets are their quality and construction. Though cabinets are a long-term investment, how can you still save … Read More

Appliance Repairs You Can Do Yourself (and Those You Shouldn’t)

Appliances play an essential role in our daily lives. When they break down, it can cause major disruption and expense. While professional repairs are often costly and time-consuming to schedule, many common appliance issues can be fixed by homeowners themselves in just minutes. With a bit of knowledge and elbow grease, Albuquerque homeowners can perform simple repairs on five common … Read More

How to Use the Mortgage Interest Deduction

Homeowners who bought a home in Albuquerque after December 15, 2017 can deduct interest paid on the first $750,000 of their mortgage when itemizing their tax return. Other homeowners can deduct interest on the first $1 million of mortgage debt. The following is a guide to what to know about the mortgage interest deduction and how it works. The Basics … Read More

Can Albuquerque Homeowners Deduct Home Improvements on Their Taxes?

Are you wondering if you can write off your home improvements? Home improvements in Albuquerque can have tax implications, but only in certain situations. For taxes, a home improvement is defined as any work that significantly increases your home’s value, extends its useful life, or enables new uses for the property. The specifics of when home improvements impact taxes are … Read More

How to Deal With Clogged Drains in Your Albuquerque Home

Clogged drains are common in Albuquerque homes due to various reasons. In bathroom sinks, excessive hair buildup can occur, especially if used for shaving regularly. Kitchen sinks may have greaser buildup or other substances that restrict water flow and eventually lead to complete blockage. Unclogging a drain line can be done by most people with basic tools and drain cleaner … Read More

Is It Time to Downsize Your Albuquerque Home?

Our lives are constantly evolving, and what once may have been the perfect home in Albuquerque for you and your family may no longer suit your needs. If you find yourself questioning whether it’s time to downsize, this article will explore 6 signs that may indicate it’s the right decision for you. From financial considerations to lifestyle changes, these signs … Read More

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Living Space for your Albuquerque Home!

As modern society becomes more connected, many seek solace in nature, craving a space to unwind and rejuvenate. Outdoor living spaces are trendy and here to stay and are a natural extension of our indoor spaces, offering a seamless blend of comfort and natural beauty. Whether you have a sprawling Albuquerque backyard or a cozy balcony, creating an outdoor oasis … Read More